The Université Catholique de l'Ouest and the  Ecole National Supérieure des Arts et Métiers have formed a partnership, Laval 3D Interactive, the first of its kind bringing together different academic programs specialized in the creation of interactive numeric medias.


The partnership incorporates the degree programs of ESCIN, a computer graphics school within the UCO of Laval:
• A pre-college graphic arts year allowing high school graduates to acquire a solid knowledge of art and to develop the computer graphic skills required to pursue studies in this field.
• The Bachelor of Arts in Media Communication, option computer graphics, multimedia, is the first step towards a career in computer graphics multimedia and internet, and opens the door towards a Masters degree.
• The professional Bachelor of Arts in Computer Graphics 3D Real time allows students to acquire the skills specific to 3D real time and computer graphics in the fields of video games, architecture, tourism, medicine, facilitating a rapid transition into the professional world.
And the degree programs of ENSAM Laval:
• The Engineering in Virtual and Innovation Masters Degree, which trains future project leaders capable of creating new products and services using virtual technologies (virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D)
• The PhD allows students to become international expert in the area of new technologies (future research specialists and Research and Develop managers).

These two schools enable students to start their freshman year and go straight on to a Masters, or eventually pursue a PhD. Over the last 15 years Laval has become an international center for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 3D Real time. In 2015 the City of Virtual Reality, an ambitious joint project of the Region of the Pays de la Loire and Laval and it surroundings (Laval Aggomeration) will house many of the entities involved in this area under one roof. An entire floor will be allocated to education and research.


Innovative projects:

The students completing their final year of the Bachelor of Arts and during both years of the Masters Degree work on a project from October to February which allows them to apply skills as they are acquired during that specific year. Laval 3D hopes that these projects are able to test new ways of using new technologies.  The prototypes created, depending on the pertinence established, are  meant to be taken over and completed by the partner businesses.

Laval 3Di is able to associate additional schools or partner companies in order to develop specific aspects outside of our students’ skill range in order to complete certain projects.

The company or NPO which takes in the trainee must immerse them in 3D real time projects underway, whether for itself or for a client.  A Bachelors student completes the work of a 3D computer graphics specialist (modelization, texturing, rendering).  Ideally, the trainee participates in the project from the beginning until the end. A Masters student must do an internship which combines computer graphics, programming, engineering and project management.



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