The Institute of Technology, based in Laval, France, is part of the University of Maine.

We offer two-year courses in four different majors that lead to a University Diploma of Technology. (Biology, Computing, Business, Web and Multimedia applications)

In the third year, we also run five specialization courses (Licences Professionnelles) that validate a Bachelor’s Degree. We work regularly with local companies for course teaching, internships and projects.

The Institute is situated on a friendly-sized campus that provides premium working conditions (recent premises and modern computing equipment). Courses oriented towards the business world may be followed by academic or vocational training, including apprenticeship.


Bachelor’s Degree by apprenticeship

The Multimedia: Design and Development degree, specialty Serious Games gives students a solid base to develop their skills in the fields of internet computer programming and interactive multimedia.

The courses are taught as an interdisciplinary continuum. The students learn programming skills (web-based languages, database management, design and Rich media techniques), photography and video basics and project management, through both a traditional approach and iterative, incremental or phased approaches.

This year, the student project is the design and development of a serious game to teach photographic techniques.


The Institute is also a research center with 4 laboratories:

- MMS : Biological Engineering

- GAINS : Management (Organization Management, Social Economy and HR Management)

- LIUM : Computer Science in Maine University (Technology-Enhanced Learning)

- CREN : Education, Languages, Multilingualism,…

The Institute’s local partners are : Pays de la Loire Regional Council, Mayenne Local Council, the City of Laval


IUT de Laval is a member of:

  • L’UNAM a regional cluster to promote higher education and research in Pays de la Loire




Established: 1988
Legal status: Non-profit organisation
Web site: http://www.iutlaval.univ-lemans.fr/

Student population: 700
Workforce: 85


IUT de Laval

Département Services et
Réseaux de Communication
52, rue des Docteurs Calmette
et Guérin
53000 Laval
Phone : +33 2 43 59 49 20
Fax : +33 2 43 59 49 08