IEIAH (Engineering of Technology Enhanced Learning Environment): Research team of the Computer Sciences Laboratory from Le Mans-Laval University

The particularity of the IEIAH Team is to consider the TEL engineering by the scope of Model Driven Engineering. Its main goal is to integrate teachers and adult educators directly inside the design process of a TEL environment. The scientific position of the team is to consider the continuous design process of a TEL system as an iterative process which alternates (1) real-time adaptivity of learning and teaching activities, (2) usage analysis and (3) TEL environment re-engineering based on a model driven approach.

Activities focus on three main dimensions: (i) Study of engineering processes; (ii) Observation modeling and tracks analysis; (iii) Operationalization and adaptation of the learning situation.

The results of the team are specifically in the field of instructional design and also in the study and operationalization of observation in a learning environment. Research projects concerns learning activities, learning environments, serious games, Apprenticeship Electronic Booklet, etc.

The research team intervenes particularly in the Multimedia : Design and Development degree specialty Serious Games, as well as the Research Master Degree “Engineering of Intelligent Systems”, the Computer Sciences and Multimedia departments in the IUT de Laval.


Research labs: IRIT, LIG, LINA, LIP6, LIRIS, Telecom Bretagne

Local partners are: Pays de la Loire Regional Council, Mayenne Local Council, the City of Laval, Partage (solidarity through work), ESIEA


IEIAH/LIUM is a member of:

  • L’UNAM a regional cluster to promote higher education and research in Pays de la Loire
  • KALEIDOSCOPE Network of Excellence
  • ATIEF Scientific association


Established: 1997 (Laval)
Legal status: Public research laboratory
Web site:

(Laval / Le Mans)
Professors 1/1
Associates professors 5/2
PhD 1/1
PhD Students 4/0


Leader : Sébastien Iksal
IUT de Laval - LIUM
52, rue des Docteurs Calmette et Guérin
53000 Laval
Phone : +33 2 43 59 49 20
Fax : +33 2 43 59 49 28
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